Corporate Technical Translation

As a technical translation company, we provide a range of certified translation solutions of technical corporate documents to match your needs.

A technical document or technical documentation is a broad and comprehensive term that describes and covers such topics as architecture, handling, use and functionality of a technical product available on the market or currently being developed. Certified technical translation is required for any technical documents for commercial and corporate purposes.

If you are planning to purchase a tool or appliance from abroad or on the contrary sell one overseas, you would need to obtain or provide a certified technical translation of this tool’s specifications, user manuals and any other related technical documentation. A simple translation will not suffice, as only certified translation will be accepted as valid by local authorities or bodies.

In addition to the complexity of language, technical documents are often many (sometimes even hundred) pages long and contain images, tables and graphs. All of these must be reproduced in the certified technical translation, which could potentially make the translation and the certification process lengthier. We do however provide urgent certified technical translation services and will be happy to discuss your deadlines and offer an optimal solution in your specific case.

Certified technical translation is also a requirement for documentation from the industrial and manufacturing sectors as well as for heavy machinery. This a slightly more specialized area and although there is usually a translation accompanying an existing product, documentation for new, experimental or products that are still being developed, must be completed from scratch.

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