Corporate Legal Translation

A corporate legal document is a document concerning a specific legal matter that has been issued for a legal entity or company. Court orders, court decrees, court judgments, decisions or rulings, contracts or agreements are all examples of legal documents.

Any company doing business overseas or with international partners in Canada regularly translates and certifies its corporate legal documents. Without a certified legal translation such documents do not have legal weight and will not be accepted by local authorities.

Certified legal translation entails first of all translation of your original corporate document from the source language into the language of your choice. The translated corporate document is then certified by a notary public or a solicitor, meaning that it has been enclosed a certification page bearing the name of the accredited legal translator, name of the translation company and the name of the certifying notary public or solicitor as well as the latter’s stamp and signature.

It is important to bear in mind that any legal translation can theoretically be correct and accurate, but only certified legal translation will be accepted as such officially.

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