Audio/video file translation

Audio/video file translation

Transcription and subsequent translation of the transcribed text is a time-consuming and highly technical task. The process of converting audio to text in English and then certifying it is also called audio translation. An example of that would be preparing subtitles for a movie or a documentary or even YouTube subtitle translation.

Such services include audio (a radio programme), and/or video voice transcription and translation. All you need to do is share your audio and/or video file with us and we will evaluate it with our experienced translators and offer you the most competitive price and completion deadline. Although you can share any file format with us, please do not hesitate to ask any questions if in doubt. We could also suggest file conversion options.


The standard procedure for translating voice or video recordings starts with the transcription of the speech and then translation of this transcribed text. Both these steps are performed by the same person to ensure quality and consistency. The completed translation is then certified by us as true and accurate of the transcription, which is enclosed with the translation.

In Canada, we can also arrange for a translator or interpreter to accompany you to a meeting (work-related or a medical consultation, for example) where he or she will interpret, record the audio and subsequently provide a transcription and audio translation.

Translation of a video entails the same process with the difference that video files are larger and sharing them might be tricky. YouTube subtitles translation is more straightforward. You simply need to share a YouTube link and the translator that the project has been assigned to, will prepare a transcription and translation of the voice/audio in the video.

We can also verify and check a specific audio translation and/or already existing subtitles for accuracy of transcription and translation. Although completion timeframes for such services are reasonably short, preparing audio to text translation from scratch is a lengthy technical process. We work only with experienced and accredited translators and will ensure timely and professional completion of any audio and/or video translation.