We are committed to confidentiality and a transparent process

Confidentiality policy

Confidentiality is important to us, it is what our company’s reputation and operations are based on.

Our confidentiality policy covers all and any documents, data and personal information we would have received from potential or existing clients as part of a simple query or with intention to have these translated or legalized.

All personal data are used exclusively for the purpose of the service entrusted to us and will not be disclosed to a third party without the client’s prior express and written consent.

With our confidentiality policy, our customers rest assured that all our personnel, full-time, part-time or freelance, who by virtue of their professional commitments have been granted access to any personal data concerning our clients, treat these in strictest confidentiality.

What is confidential information?

All and any information concerning our clients that we have received by e-mail or on paper, including and without limitation, clients’ personal details or any personal data concerning the individuals whose details are specified in the documents received for translation and/or legalization.

What happens to my personal data after translation?

All documents received by e-mail or on paper are stored for a legally prescribed period of time in compliance with the Canadian privacy laws, unless any such information lawfully comes into the public domain prior to the legally established deadline.

Any statistics that appear on our website or brochures are compiled anonymously and are used solely for the purposes of providing accurate information and improving performance and quality of service.

Our confidentiality policy is continuously updated in line with applicable statutory and legal requirements.

Quality assurance and internal quality control

General quality assurance and the internal quality control are two key and closely intertwined components in any translation, certification and localisation project.

Only by paying attention to detail at every stage of the process and ensuring internal quality checks have been performed, can we issue, certify and put our stamp on the translated document.

This is why prior to accepting an order, we first of all in consultation with our professional team of translators analyze the document(s) to be translated. We then preliminary assign a translator to the project and decide on the best and most cost-effective method of performing the translation. We then advise the client accordingly.

In other words, our internal quality control starts prior to translating a specific document. This is done in order to ensure that we first of all can deliver the translation in accordance with the client’s wishes and secondly to ensure that the client is informed in advance about what to expect. This way we can guarantee that the final product is of the highest quality meeting the client’s needs and expectations as well as the industry standards.

Once the order has been approved and confirmed, the translator pre-assigned during the initial consultation is given the task of producing a professional text in the target language.

As soon as we receive the completed translation, it is proofread as part of quality assurance and subsequently sent to the client for review. All these various steps are carried out within the shortest timeframes to ensure that all pre-agreed deadlines have been complied with.

After the client has approved the initial translation, we then proceed to issuing, certifying and either posting it to the client or preparing it for collection in our office.

However, should there arise any disagreement or should the client raise any questions concerning the translation, we address all of these with the translator and make necessary changes, if any. At this stage as part of the internal quality control, the original document is reviewed again to ensure that suggested changes are fair and accurate and only afterwards do we issue, certify and post the completed translated.

This way you can be sure that you receive a professionally performed high quality document to be submitted and used for all legal purposes in Caanada or abroad.