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At ANZ Canada, we are a team of experts specializing in translation and authentication services of all and any corporate documents.

We specialize in various fields, including, but not limited to, legalization (including consular), and translation.

Our accredited translators and specialists based in Canada and worldwide will attend to your query within the shortest timeframes and will deliver a professional corporate service. It is our priority that our clients are happy with the service provided.

We guarantee and ensure quality thanks to our internal quality control procedures in compliance with the Canadian industry practices and standards.

We are here to assist you.

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How to place an order for a translation or certification?

With the head office in Dublin, ANZ supporting staff, experts and translators are based in various locations across Europe and provide a cost effective, speedy, accurate and professional translation and certification service. We can receive and process your order for translation from wherever you are and deliver and post it to the address indicated by you all over the world.

Certified Translation Process

The document for a quote can be submitted online. That said, time is of value and you are not required to submit a hard copy or bring in the original of your documents for translation. You can simply scan or take a photo with your mobile phone and email it to us. Please ensure that the quality of the image is readable to ensure accuracy of the final translation and save time. Once we receive a copy of your document, we will issue a quote and suggest and approximate completion timeframe.

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Certified Translation Process

Once you have approved the quote and the completion timeframe and the payment has been made, our translators immediately start working on your order. Once completed, we will first of all e-mail you a draft of the translation to review. This is a crucial step, especially if the original document is not entirely clear (e.g. an old document, faded original, etc.) or is in a language that is not Latin alphabet based (e.g. Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, etc.). Thanks to this initial check we ensure that all spellings are correct prior to the certification of the translated document. The entire process takes place via e-mail or telephone correspondence and we always reply within the shortest timeframes.

How to receive translated documents?

At ANZ Translation Services, we offer cost effective and professional certified translation service to our customers based in Ireland and across Europe. We are here to assist you and ensure that you receive your final translated and certified documents within the shortest timeframes at the location of your choice.


Please feel free to contact us if you might have any questions.

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How to pay for my certified translation?

At ANZ Translation Services, we accept and process your certified translation orders from anywhere in Ireland, Europe or elsewhere around the world. Make yourself a cup of tea, order and pay for your certified translation services from your own home anytime of the day. It is that easy. Rest assured that thanks to our online payment system and excellent translation method, you will receive the most professional and cost-effective service.


You can pay for your certified translation order via bank transfer or with your bank card (debit or credit). With the quote email we will provide you the bank details for a direct transfer. In order to pay using a bank card, please send us an e-mail request and we will reply with a secure link for payment.


Please note, we will not ask for your card details and you are not obliged to provide them to us. You make the payment yourself at your own time and pace. We will be notified once the payment has been made or you can alternatively e-mail us a proof of payment so that we could immediately start translating and preparing your document for certification.